​​​ Jade Pinnell  

The Dark Matter Collection

Photography by Jade Pinnell

‘Holding Dark Matter’
Dark Matter makes up around 80% of the universe. Scientists believe it holds the galaxies together. I decided to create a vessel form to symbolise this.
The form is made from opaque black glass which represents the “matter” and its illusiveness. The clear glass reveals captured movement within; symbolising the passing of Dark Matter throughout the universe.

As someone with a keen interest in Cosmology, I was inspired to create a body of work exploring the scientific mysteries of the universe; in particular the theories of dark energy and dark matter and their effects. I looked to create visual representations of these intriguing scientific theories.


‘Dark cluster’
This collection of vessels is inspired by the illusive Dark energy. These spiky, faceted forms represent the expanding and swirling galaxies that exist in our vast universe.
I used opaque black glass which represents dark energy itself. The addition of the white and clear create a sense of movement within the pieces; symbolising the effects of dark energy. Flecks of glittering blue glass reflect light, imitating stars from the cosmos.


 Copyright © Jade Pinnell 2019